October 22, 2011

HuffPo, IndieReader Name “Oh, Beautiful” 1 of “7 Great Indie Books to Read Whilst You Occupy Wall Street”

TO PROMOTE THE GLOBAL AWAKENING of people fed up with unfair economic structures, the Huffington Post and the IndieReader have released a list of “7 great indie books to read whilst you occupy Wall Street.” Included on the list is Oh, Beautiful: An American Family in the 20th Century, by John Paul Godges.

The inspiration for the list arose from the Occupy Wall Street participants, who have set up their own free lending library and created a self-published newspaper called the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

“We thought we’d contribute to the movement by suggesting some great indie titles to fill the time between demonstrating and getting doused with pepper spray,” said Amy Edelman, founder of the “Like the Occupied Wall Street Journal, all of the books are self-published and speak to the power of the individual.”

Beyond Oh, Beautiful, which the Huffington Post calls “a sweeping narrative” of one family’s history in America in the 20th century, the list promotes three justice-oriented titles: Justice in America: How it Works—How it Fails, by Russell F. Moran; Liberty in America’s Founding Moment: Doubts About Natural Rights in Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, by Howard I. Schwartz; and They Cooked the Books: A Humorous Look at the World of White-Collar Crime, by Patrick M. Edwards.

The three remaining titles are Misfits & Heroes: West from Africa, by Kathleen Rollins; Parts North: A Back-Roads Noir, by Kevin Cohen; and Reternity: Where Science and Faith Collide, a novel by Neal Wooten.

“I’m honored to have Oh, Beautiful placed among such great company,” said Godges.


The titles can be viewed on the Huffington Post and IndieReader pages here:

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